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11.5 Nine properties of PE film
Nine properties of PE film

1Protective function

  As a packaging material, plastic film is an important and basic function for the protection of commodities. If the plastic film does not have a reliable protective effect on the packaged goods, causing damage or devaluation of the goods, then it will lose its use value as a packaging material. The protective functions of plastic films for commodities are diverse. Different commodities and different packaging forms have different emphasis on the protective function of plastic packaging films.

2 Mechanical protection

  Prevent the leakage of the product in the package or the damage and contamination of the product by foreign substances entering the package. The performance indicators that directly reflect the mechanical protection function of the plastic film are mainly the mechanical strength of the film, such as tensile strength, tearing strength, falling impact strength (dropping impact) and puncture resistance.

3 Good welding strength

  Welding strength is also a necessary condition for plastic film bags to reliably protect products. If the weld seam strength is insufficient, the weld seam will become the Achilles heel of the plastic film bag, and the plastic bag will lose its protective effect on the goods due to the rupture of the weld seam.

4Barrier performance

  Barrier performance refers to the performance of the plastic film to prevent the penetration of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other gases, as well as aromas, water vapor and other substances. When the scope is not clear, it generally refers to the barrier to non-polar gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The effect of plastic film on product display is closely related to the light transmittance, haze, gloss, antistatic property, and printability of the film itself. It is necessary to pay attention to sufficient light transmittance and haze.

5Light transmittance and haze

  Light transmittance and haze are important indicators that determine the visibility and clarity of the packaged goods, and they have a particularly large relationship with the display effect of the goods. Both light transmittance and haze are expressed in percentages. The larger the light transmittance, the better the transparency of the film; the greater the haze, the greater the turbidity of the object observed through the film, that is, the worse the clarity.


  Glossiness represents the reflective ability of the plastic film when exposed to light, expressed as a percentage of the reflected light brightness of the sample in the normal reflection direction relative to the standard surface.


  With the rapid development of the electronics industry, the integration of electronic circuit boards is getting higher and higher. Packaging products with antistatic film can prevent static electricity from damaging integrated circuits.

8Good smoothness

  Good smoothness is beneficial to the smooth movement of the film on the packaging production line during packaging, and avoids damage due to excessive resistance during its movement. The smoothness of the film can be described by its coefficient of friction. The smaller the friction coefficient, the better the slip performance.

9Air tightness

  It has good air tightness and can effectively block the exchange of gas inside and outside the packaging container, which is necessary for most products.

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