· Product parameters 


Minimum-maximum width: 1000-2450mm
Thinnest-thickest: 0.06mm-0.12mm
Colour: Transparent, Purple, Light Blue
Oil range: 26-60P
Printing: Printable and four colours
Colors: transparent, blue, black, orange, red, green, yellow, etc.
Printing area: 1.9x1.86
Weight: 50kg-120Kg-roll




· Advantage


PVC mattress packaging film has a long history, high production, affordable price, transparency, good pull, is the preferred packaging material for many mattress factories. At the same time, our PVC film can print a variety of patterns, four colors, beautiful and high-grade. Occupying the eyeball is tantamount to occupying the high point of consumption. Nylon brand PVC mattress packaging film, refined with transparent and beautiful PVC material, not only has the characteristics of better toughness and more appropriate packaging, but also can directly print various propaganda or decorative patterns on the packaging film according to your personalized requirements, so that the packaged product is like wearing a beautiful and noble coat, effectively improving the image grade, fashion and price of mattress. The best price is your ideal choice for packing mattress.




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